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Who we are and what we look to accomplish.
If you have an event, or something that you would like see happen, let us know!
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General Discussion

Graphics Help

If anyone is has a better understanding and use in PS or, please reach out to me. As, I can do enough to be dangerous but it is not really pretty looking. I'd like an assistant to help with graphics and page building.Email me: Joseph.g.b...
Small Salose "Rose" Eldradi 2y
Salose "Rose" Eldradi096Small Salose "Rose" Eldradi 2y
General Discussion

Symbols of Office

I was thinking.. Not a uniform but a symbol of Class cohesion?Maces for Everyone that can use itStaves for Warlocks/MagesBows for HuntersIdeas for graphic? Items?
Small Salose "Rose" Eldradi 2y
Salose "Rose" Eldradi097Small Salose "Rose" Eldradi 2y
General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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