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Joining the Element Zero Gaming Community

Salose "Rose" Eldradi / Apr 18, 2016
Greetings House Whitefall members!

Turage, along with Angel and Salose have decided to join the Element Zero Gaming Community as not only a provider of a wonderful Teamspeak server , but as their gaming branch for World of Warcraft.

We are still us!We still have creative control over our narrative and events and guild. This will give us access to another group of wonderful players to not only enjoy World of Warcraft with, but many other platforms as well.

Welcome them into our family as they have welcomed us into theirs. More information will be rolling out. If you have any concerns or questions please message any one of us.

We look forward to meeting everyone for the sake of Whitefall and the sake of fun!

Quick updates:
Raiding is a go for Legion! More to come.
Guild Story and events will be rolling out soon!

We need more backstories for our Biographies page! Send them to Sal via in site messenger.

Head over to their Site



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